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Walker has been coaching on the west coast for the last 5 years and is now back in NYC!

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About Walker

Walker coaches major Broadway, TV and Film stars and has coached students who have been accepted to high-level conservatories and colleges in and around NYC.

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Phone: 917-300-8154


Mike O'Malley"Onstage, Walker Clark is an actor with incredible presence and authenticity. This authenticity is grounded by his specific and thorough preparation. He's a great acting teacher for any of you in NY looking for an insightful, smart, fostering dude."

Mike O'Malley
Burt Hummel
Parenthood, Eat Pray Love

tessa testimonial"Walker is an intuitively gifted coach, who lets your spirit shine by drawing out your truth. He makes the auditioning process so much easier. Working with Walker is a blessing. I'm grateful for all of his words of wisdom."

--Tessa Munro
(Just booked a Guest Star on the new TNT show, "Perception")